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Vendor Managed Inventory





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Vendor Managed Inventory

What is it?
Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) is a business model in which HC Pacific’s customer provides a rolling forecast to HC Pacific.  HC Pacific takes full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the material, usually at the buyer’s consumption location.  HC Pacific actively manages the inventory, buys a large lot quantity to ensure the most competitive price while ensuring immediate availability.

Consigned Vendor Managed Inventory

HC Pacific realizes that optimizing working capital is extremely important to our customers.  Due to the strength of our balance sheet, HCP offers a consigned VMI solution.  This popular option ensures that parts are available at the buyer’s consumption location.  Title and billing for the parts occurs only after the customer has pulled parts from the consigned VMI location.


HC Pacific provides its customers with a variety of kitting services.  Procuring pedigree parts and then assembling kits for our customers ultimately streamlines operations by reducing inventory and floor space while eliminating procurement/expediting tasks.   HC Pacific will innovate a unique solution to meet your needs including the engineering and design of eco-friendly customized kits.  HC Pacific also offers warehousing and detail storage facilities where finished goods are stored and kitted to customer specifications.

Production Readiness Review

HC Pacific knows that transitioning from product design to manufacturing can be challenging.

A Production Readiness Review (PRR) assesses a program/product to determine if the design is ready for production.  Specifically, it assesses if the prime contractor and major subcontractors have accomplished adequate production planning without incurring unacceptable risks that will breach thresholds of schedule, performance, cost, or other established criteria.

HC Pacific has a team of qualified experts that will support your PRR process with a particular focus on inventory management and supplier management.  HC Pacific has a history of working with OEM partners toward the end of the Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) Phase of the development process. Expected results include:

Identification of supply chain risks that impact:





Other Criteria

Design of Inventory Solutions that mitigate risk and ensure success through the following production phases:


Low Rate Initial Production


Full Rate Production

If you are an OEM or MRO preparing to launch a critical program and want to ensure your supply chain risks are mitigated and proactively monitored, call on HC Pacific today.

Sourcing & Expediting Service Expertise

Your Sourcing Specialists

HC Pacific has a team of engineering and supply chain specialists with an expertise in sourcing your hard-to-locate and obsolete aerospace components.  Working side-by-side with our manufacturing partners, HC Pacific often has the confidence to deliver within aggressive time frames to support your critical customer requirements

Your Expediting and Fulfillment Experts

HC Pacific offers value-add expediting and fulfillment services to improve your supply chain delivery performance by proactively managing your difficult and challenging supply chain partners.

Top Level Delivery & Quality Assurance

  • Review and risk assessment of supplier manufacturing systems, processes, and historical delivery /quality performance
  • Creating top level project work flow and due dates
  • Status, evaluation, and improvement to ensure a product or family of products is delivered per the initially placed schedule

On-Going Schedule Adherence

  • Routine factory visits
  • Production audits – ‘touching the parts’, checking and reporting progress to ensure schedule compliance

Expedited Service

  • On-Site prioritizing of work with supplier and supplier’s subtiers

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