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Strategic partnerships and shared success

Why Our Risk Is Your Reward

At HC Pacific, we specialize in solving challenges for our OEMs, consistently minimizing working capital while improving availability, productivity, cost, and quality throughout the entire supply chain.

For over 40 years we have been building partnerships that eliminate operational risks and simplify inventory management – freeing our OEM partners to focus on what they do best.

A Proven Partner – we are a company, rooted in the aerospace industry since 1971, backed by strong working capital, driven by a real appetite for inventory investment and a stellar reputation for performance.

Supply Chain Proficiency – our experienced supply chain kaizen team will lead events to optimize your value chain using advanced data analytics and lean problem solving techniques.

New Product Solutions – when introducing a new product line to the market, an experienced member of the HC Pacific executive team will coordinate and lead your supply chain production readiness review (PRR) to identify and mitigate all potential operational disruptions in your value chain.

Guaranteed Quality – HC Pacific’s quality system is comprehensive and compliant ensuring that all parts in our distribution centers are pedigree with the required traceability and paperwork.

Empower your supply chain with HC Pacific OEM Solutions.

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