HC Pacific Kitting Solutions

HC Pacific Provides Customers with a Variety of Kitting Services

Simplified, Customized Kitting Solutions For Your Business

At HC Pacific, we understand that efficiency is critically important to your business. HC Pacific offers full MRO or OEM Kitting Solutions that combine convenience, performance, and compliance to all regulatory requirements. Our kits are customized to your specific needs, resulting in greater levels of productivity by providing the parts your technicians need exactly where they are needed. HC Pacific has the expertise and flexibility to provide your business with the ideal kitting solution.

Unlimited Parts, Unlimited Configurations

HC Pacific can manage Kitting Solutions as large or as small as our customers require. Our Kitting Solutions are completely customizable, while maintaining full traceability and can be setup and delivered as required by our customers’ individual requirements. With HC Pacific’s Kitting Solutions, our customers save time and expense with lower administrative costs and significantly reduced inventory and you will never have to worry about when the last item will arrive.

Industry Experience, Proven Results

HC Pacific’s Bill of Material (BOM) management or Kitting Solutions are recognized and utilized by some of the largest defense contractors and aerospace companies in the world. Our Kitting Solutions have proven to be an effective way for our customers to achieve tight inventory control and have become a critical element in their manufacturing, repair and production processes.

Guaranteed Stocking, Efficient Delivery

HC Pacific has the appetite to buy, stock and maintain kit components for the life of a program. Large lot buys means our customers get the very best pricing with unmatched delivery efficiency. Our Kitting Solutions will deliver kits JIT to your manufacturing line or your MRO repair depot. We deal with the inventory/working cash outlay and the MRO or OEM releases, ensuring our customers receive pedigree kits on-time as they are required.

Certified Professionals, Customer Commitment

HC Pacific has AS9100D and AS9120B certification, is a certified munitions dealer and is compliant to ITAR with a trained Empowered Official. Our team of professionals is also trained, certified, and compliant to Section 49 Code of Federal Hazmat Regulations. HC Pacific is Cyber-Security compliant to NIST 800-171 and has robust procedures in place to ensure your Intellectual Property remains protected at all times.

Easier Operator Training and Reduced Training Costs

Kit Assembly at Your Facility or Ours.

Multiple Configurations (Tool & Tackle Box, Bag & Crate, Crate)

Reduced Lead Times and Reduced Part Damage

Empower your supply chain with HC Pacific OEM Solutions.

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