HC Pacific Press Releases

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StayOnline, a leading global provider of custom and standard power connectivity solutions, has appointed HC Pacific as its aerospace and defense distribution partner.  StayOnline is focused on supplying the highest quality power cables, cords, adaptors, wiring devices, surge protectors and bus drops to support the most critical applications.  With an integrated product development and engineering staff to support a rapid-turn custom molding manufacturing facility in North Carolina, StayOnline products are the standard for quality and performance.

“We are honored with our appointment as StayOnline’s aerospace and defense channel partner,” said Andrew Pramschufer, President of HC Pacific.  “In an age when we are seeing the proliferation of counterfeit products in power connectivity applications across all industries, StayOnline products offer a pedigree guarantee ensuring all products are made to the strictest of standards including the Green Plus Business requirements.”

Jim Higgins, StayOnline CEO commented, “StayOnline is poised to further our rapid growth in the aerospace and defense marketplace with HC Pacific as our partner.  HC Pacific’s value proposition ensures immediate availability of the StayOnline product offering required for critical aerospace applications that demand a trusted, safe, and reliable power connectivity solution.”

About HC Pacific – HC Pacific is a leading global distributor of products and provider of innovative supply chain optimization services for over 45 years. Since our inception in 1971, HC Pacific has been a one-stop source for specialty raw materials, precision fasteners, electronic hardware, and components / line-replacement units for various aerospace applications.

About StayOnline – StayOnline, established in 1987, offers the world’s largest selection of power cords across all industries.  With manufacturing operations in the United States and around the globe, StayOnline is focused and committed to providing quality products and timely, cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide. For more information please visit: https://info.stayonline.com/hcpacific-press.