HC Pacific Press Releases

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AmSafe, the world’s leading provider of safety restraint systems for the aerospace and defense industries, announced its appointment of HC Pacific as an aftermarket distribution partner for the State Of the Art Restraint System (SOARS).  AmSafe’s SOARS seatbelt airbag system is a universally adjustable lapbelt airbag restraint system designed to mitigate head and torso injury in aircraft crash conditions. The SOARS kit is an airbag restraint system that can replace existing 2 or 3-point restraint systems in over 500 models of General Aviation aircraft on an Approved Model List (AML) STC. SOARS is a very affordable yet significant improvement for general aviation occupant protection.

Benefits include easy installation by a licensed A & P mechanic, and internal push-to-test diagnostics. The SOARS system joins other AmSafe airbag systems with billions of logged service hours on GA and commercial applications, with over 120 accidents proving significant improvement in occupant protection and lives saved.

“We are thrilled with our appointment as an AmSafe distribution partner for this important safety technology,” said Andrew Pramschufer, President of HC Pacific.  “With this appointment, HC Pacific will ensure immediate availability and deeper market penetration for the SOARS kit which includes a complete airbag restraint system for both pilot and co-pilot seats.”

Jim Crupi, AmSafe’s Business Development Manager commented, “AmSafe is excited to formally launch our SOARS seatbelt airbag system through distribution with HC Pacific as our partner.  HC Pacific brings significant aerospace experience and an enthusiasm for safety that will hard to beat in the industry.  We look forward to working together to ensure the SOARS system is easily and quickly available, and has the technical and product support expected by our customers.”

About HC Pacific – HC Pacific is a leading global distributor of products and provider of innovative supply chain optimization services for over 45 years. Since our inception in 1971, HC Pacific has been a one-stop source for specialty raw materials, precision fasteners, electronic hardware, and components / line-replacement units for various aerospace applications.

About AmSafe – AmSafe is the world’s leading provider of safety restraint products for the aerospace and defense industries.  With manufacturing operations and service facilities around the globe, AmSafe is focused and committed to providing quality products and timely, cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide. For more information please visit www.amsafe.com