HC Pacific Press Releases

We invest heavily in inventory in advance – so you won’t need to.

Creedmoor, NC – Firstmark Aerospace Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic, electromagnetic, and mechanical components and systems for the aerospace and defense industry, announced its appointment of HC Pacific as its exclusive master distribution partner for a portfolio of products that support the C130, KC135, and E2C legacy aircraft platforms. This exclusive yet classic stocking agreement, effective September 1, 2018, ensures consistent component availability and substantially reduced lead-times for Firstmark’s demanding worldwide customer base.

“We are ecstatic with our appointment as Firstmark’s master distribution partner for a suite of their legacy products,” said Chris Troy, Executive Vice President of HC Pacific. “HC Pacific brings to Firstmark over 46 years of world class experience as a leading global distributor of defense products. Our company invests heavily in inventories to ensure the needs of a global customer network are met flawlessly and with immediacy.”

Derek Ashcroft, Director of Firstmark Aerospace, commented, “As a premier aerospace design, manufacturing, and repair company, Firstmark is committed to maintaining unwavering support of its portfolio of products in order to optimize the customer’s experience. HC Pacific’s proven distribution solution for legacy components will help us provide our outstanding products more efficiently to a broader group of customers while increasing responsiveness to the needs of the end user.”

About HC Pacific. HC Pacific is a leading global distributor of products and provider of innovative supply chain optimization services for over 46 years. Since our inception in 1971, HC Pacific has been a one-stop source for specialty raw materials, precision fasteners, electronic hardware, and components / line-replacement units for various aerospace applications.

About Firstmark Aerospace. Firstmark Aerospace Corporation has over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and repair of products in military, civil, and commercial aerospace applications. Firstmark is recognized as a premier provider of engineered products and services across electronic, electromagnetic, and mechanical components and systems. For more information, please visit www.firstmarkaerospace.com.